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see what happens…

Recently, when walking into a store, my 6 year old pulled away from me when I went to take his hand. When I asked him why he didn’t want to hold my hand, he said, “mom, I don’t need to… Continue Reading →

additional ways to get involved @ CMS

As a follow up to my last blog post, here are a few additional ways that students can get involved @ CMS. As always, please check out our website: for more information!   Debate Club Description: Debate club is focused… Continue Reading →

how to get involved @ CMS

  What is your why? Why do you choose to spend your free time running? or writing? or playing table tennis? or chess? Why we choose to spend our free time on ________ activity is different for each person. With… Continue Reading →

you can sit with us

  There is a new kid on the block. No, I don’t mean the band, although they were awesome in the 90’s, but there a few new kids at school this year. Take a minute to look around. The new… Continue Reading →

be the rudder

The world that I grew up in over 30 years ago is not the same world today. When you really think about it, the changes that have taken place in our society and the world are breathtaking. With the rapid… Continue Reading →

creativity at 30,000 feet

What does the word creativity mean? To be creative, as many define it, is to invent and make something that was not previously thought or designed. Yet, how does one create when society is not designed for this freedom of… Continue Reading →

student voice in education, volume 1

Every day students are learning and growing. As a school community, we often don’t get to see what is going on in their world. Take a minute to watch this short video clip to hear from a few CMS student… Continue Reading →

staying connected

We have several educators at CMS who are documenting their journey via blog. Please take a moment to read and follow some of our awesome teacher blogs below! Dr. Bea Revelins (8th grade Science teacher): Mrs. Dana Spies (PE Teacher):… Continue Reading →

from good to great

When I was first introduced to the book, Good to Great, I was a HS English teacher and my then Principal encouraged me to read this book. While reading Good to Great, I was encouraged and inspired by Jim Collin’s… Continue Reading →

New Caruso staff 2015-2016

We are excited to introduce our newest Caruso bluejay team members. Take a moment to learn more about our new staff (click the picture!). Please join me in welcoming them to our Caruso family!  

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