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There is a new kid on the block. No, I don’t mean the band, although they were awesome in the 90’s, but there a few new kids at school this year. Take a minute to look around.

The new kid is the excited 5 year old who can’t wait to finally ride the big yellow school bus like the big kids.

The new kid is the energetic 11 year old who is finally old enough to have their own locker at middle school and gain a bit more independence.

The new kid is the psyched 14 year old who is finally old enough to be considered a high school student. 

The new kid is the nervous 19 year old preparing to leave home for the first time to go to college and begin a new journey of self-discovery and independence. 

The new kid is the enthusiastic teacher who is finally ready to have their own class of young minds.

When your new, you try to plan and prepare for what your new life will be, but there are still a lot of unanswered question such as: How will I find my way around? What if I forget something? Who will I sit with at lunch? Will I make new friends? 

We have all been the new kid on the block and in the moment of being “new” it is fun! There is a chance to start from the beginning or start over. A chance to dream, write your own story or develop new bonds.

Yet, there are quite a few of us who have been around this block before. What can we do to support the new kids? Here a few ideas:

-get to know them and find out what they are interested in

-the first few days of school, ask if they have questions

-invite them to hang out with you and your friends

-go out of your way to check in with them to see how they are doing

-offer to show them where things are located around the school

-invite them to sit with you at lunch

-share what worked for you when you were new

-be kind, always

The possibilities are endless.

Take a step closer to the new kid on the block. Invest time in getting to know them. Walk along side them and answer their questions. Find ways for them to feel connected to the community.

You can do it. You were new once too:).

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