the first few weeks @ CMS

My first few weeks at Caruso Middle School have been nothing short of amazing. I have enjoyed getting to know more about the building, the staff, parents, fellow colleagues, administrators (and a few students!). I love these conversations as the new kid on the block (no, not the 90’s band!) because I believe that relationships matter, people matter.

One of my goals this year (I have many!) is to develop relationships with the individuals that make up the CMS community AND the DPS 109 community. I have thoroughly enjoyed many of the impromptu conversations that I have had the last few weeks with teachers, parents, community members and fellow colleagues. These conversations are not only the beginning of a relationship, but it gives me insight into the larger school community and reason why I am here: to serve students.

To me, the definition of serving students, is putting student needs first. As an educational leader, my responsibility is to ensure that the needs of the students that I serve at CMS are met. I was challenged to reflect on my purpose as a leader, during our three day administrator in-service last week. The following list are my goals this year at CMS:

-challenge other educators to create a learning environment that stretches students academically, socially and emotionally

-inspire a shared vision of student excellence that reflects our mission of empower, engage, inspire and grow

-empower educators to lead and create innovative ways to engage all of our students in the learning process

-model life-long learning by sharing educational resources that will challenge students towards excellence

-encourage others to continue to take risks with how we teach students and celebrate this journey along the way

(credit to the Leadership Challenge and 360 survey)

With the first weeks of school just around the corner, the following video is my anthem to a new and exciting school year. Side note: if you are interested in being a part of a video like this at CMS, let me know!

My door is always open; I look forward to continuing our conversation, building our relationship and serving our students together!


2 thoughts on “the first few weeks @ CMS

  • To be honest when I saw your video in this post, I cried. As a Mom, I know how self esteem can change a child’s life for the better or make their journey a struggle. The video is such an inspiration because it shows how self esteem and respect for one another can sweep an entire school, celebrate the individual, bond students into teams and create the power of comradery as a school! Kristen Paul, your goals are awesome. Caruso is awesome.

    All the best to every student, parent, faculty and staff member for an exceptional year of academics, integrity and service to others. I’ll be watching and listening for your ROAR this year, Caruso!!

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