a season of change, growth and reflection

As 2014 ended and 2015 began, with it came an exciting change in my life: my journey towards earning a doctoral degree! For the past few years, I researched schools, programs and talked to my fellow educators who have already completed this exciting journey. At the beginning of the new year, I started my multi year voyage! I am excited to learn more about what it takes to be an effective leader and to research, write and defend a little paper called a dissertation at the end of the process.

I am someone who always is learning and is eager to accept change and with that I do know that change can sometimes be difficult. There are moments already in my doctoral program where I have to stop and think about how the proposed theories, ideas and systems will impact and change my leadership. In my doctoral class, and in my daily life, I am surrounded by fellow educators who already challenge me to be the best leader I can be. One key component that I constantly think about is what can I do better as a leader so that I can empower others around me to be great.

In my weekly #apchat on Twitter (8/7 central time!) I was inspired by my fellow admin around the nation who also seek out ways to grow as a leader and reflect on where they are in their life. One of the questions that was posed was what quote or book have we read that has inspired us as leaders. One of my fellow PLN admin posted a great quote by President John F. Kennedy that sums up my view on leadership, “Learning and leadership are indispensable of each other. ”

photo courtesy of google images
photo courtesy of google images

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