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What is community? According to the article What is Community Culture?, community is defined as “…the shared set of beliefs, expectations, values, desires and rituals that influence the ways in which individuals, groups, and teams will interact with one another and collaborate to achieve common objectives.” As I reflect upon this definition of community,the words, values, desires and collaboration stand out as key indicators of a vibrant community.

This past month, I had the opportunity to sit down with teachers to discuss what they have observed about our school community. Our conversation often centered around our school traditions such as our weekly Wednesday staff breakfast, Friday Spirit Fish and Monthly Birthday celebrations.

A positive community culture takes time, and it is obvious that @ CMS we have established this with our weekly and monthly traditions. As a staff, we believe that our relationships are key to the growth of our community. As a community, we are constantly looking for ways to strengthen our relationships with one another.

In addition, the relationship with the community outside our school, is equally as important. We value our relationships with our parents and guardians. As a new administrator, one of my goals this year is to develop relationships with the teachers, staff, students and the community. I have met many parents/guardians during my nine months at CMS and I have enjoyed getting to know everyone. To me, community does not end with the initial introductions. A true community, to me, is one that continues to evolve as we interact and collaborate together.

With that being said, I would like to invite our CMS parents/ guardians in for coffee next Tuesday morning (March 17) at 7:15 am.. If I haven’t met you yet, please stop by for coffee and to chat; I would love to meet you! If we have met before, it would be great to catch up and hear how you are doing!

To me, what defines our CMS community is the time that is spent in strengthening our relationships. I look forward to growing and learning with you!

photo courtesy of google images
photo courtesy of google images

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