leaving a legacy: Cary Berzock

This blog post is dedicated to Caruso Middle School’s Art Teacher, Cary Berzock. Cary is retiring this June after 37 years of teaching (21 years as a teacher at Caruso). I had the pleasure of speaking with Cary a few weeks ago about his thoughts regarding teaching, Caruso and his legacy. The following is a summary of our conversation.

Cary remembers that when he first walked into CMS 21 years ago, the school was welcoming and had a good vibe. At the time (and now) Caruso has a thriving art program that is supported by the District and the community.

Cary notes that his goals as a teacher are related to giving every student “a platform to succeed in the art room”. As Cary notes, “[I] give students permission to work creatively without pressure.” Cary has seen every student find success in his classroom and often students become so engrossed in their work that they often do not realize that it is their inner vision that propels them forward.
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At the end of every lesson, Cary can always be heard saying the phrase, “wrap it up, pack it in”. To Cary, this is what he is now ready to go and do. In his words, “I’ll miss Caruso. I’ve appreciated the great staff and students who I’ve had the good fortune to work with.”

Thank you for your service at Caruso; your legacy as a teacher will live on. We will miss you; it is not good-bye, rather it is see ya later!

If you had Cary as your Art teacher and/ or would like to wish him well, feel free to reply to this post or reach out to him directly at cberzock@dps109.org.

2 thoughts on “leaving a legacy: Cary Berzock

  • Mr. Berzock– Thank you so much for being an awesome art teacher! You taught be that art can be anything I set my mind to and you are very encouraging.

  • Dear Mr. Berzock,
    I have had such a fun year in art!! You have made it so much fun and I have learned so much!! You taught me to take my time and that art can be anything you set your mind to. Thank you for all your help in everything and you have made art my favorite encore class. Thank you for being such an amazing art teacher!!
    “Rap it up, pack it in”

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