leaving a legacy: Donna Marshall

This blog post is dedicated to Donna Marshall, current Spanish Teacher at Caruso Middle School who is retiring this June. After 33 years as a teacher (26 years as a Spanish teacher at Caruso Middle School), Donna is ready to start her next adventure. Her most immediate plans of retiring will be traveling to Africa and spending more time with her granddaughter.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Donna a few weeks ago and the following clip reflects her views on teaching and her time here at Caruso. It is as honor to work with you this year Donna and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures soon!




If you would like to reach out to Donna to wish her well, please do so by contacting her at dmarshall@dps109.org.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images.
Photo Courtesy of Google Images.


2 thoughts on “leaving a legacy: Donna Marshall

  • Thank you Donna for all your years at Caruso and your dedication to our children. We were fortunate to have you in 109!
    Enjoy your retirement …the world awaits !!!

  • Donna,

    It won’t be the same around here without you. You will be missed. Enjoy all the years to come in every way possible.


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