top 10 things I learned this year

As I end my first year at Caruso, I thought it would be fitting to compile a list of the top 10 things that I learned this year at CMS!

In no particular order…

10. CMA, STEM, MPR, DI, GI, LDC, DCA, PLC, LMC are all acronyms used frequently at Caruso to describe classes, locations, groups and assessments (I almost wrote a list at the beginning of the year just so that I could remember what all of these meant!).

9. I can “wipe” a chromebook that is not working less than 4 minutes (I have timed myself!).

8. I am really good at directing traffic especially in the rain while balancing an umbrella and holding a stop sign.

7. Some of the hardest working people I know work in the following departments: B & G, custodial crew and the bus company; our school would not be able to operate the same without their dedication and hardwork!

6. I can run really fast in heels.

5. Fun lunches are the coolest and tastiest lunches a middle student could ever experience while at school!

4. Making signs is like second nature and have proven to stop people in their tracks (lol!).

3. Our PTO is the most supportive and well run PTO I have ever worked with in my eleven years of education!

2. Patti knows everyone.

1. Caruso has the kindest and most generous students and Faculty; I am honored and grateful to work at CMS!

photo courtesy of google images!
photo courtesy of google images!

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