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Dear Teacher(s),

I learned so much today! I was not feeling well when my day started (running nose!), but I quickly forgot how I was feeling when I accessed the Nearpod lesson on Schoology. Even though other students in the class were learning the same topic, we all were learning at our own pace by accessing different resources in class. It was great when you, teacher, checked in to see our progress towards our goals; we will meet our goals soon:).

Walking into math was interesting! Not only did we review what we learned recently (fractions and percentages!), I learned more about what a CD was! My teacher even talked about a disc-man and I was really confused. What I liked most about math today was that my teacher shared several ways that we could remember to solve word problems. Always remember to look at what you know and plug in the rest!

Volleyball was up next in PE, but not before our warm-up! I forgot my gym uniform, so I did jumping jacks and various other stretches in heels which was very interesting! I told all the students on my Volleyball team that I wasn’t good at Volleyball and they were nice about it and didn’t get mad when I ducked instead of trying to hit the ball over the net. Our team worked together and I really liked that you, teacher, were always right there encouraging us to do our best!

When I sat down in English, I learned that we were writing our own personal narratives. Writing is one of my favorite things to do! I listened closely to you, teacher, remind the class to use quotation marks in our writing to show when someone is speaking. Even though I did not have time to prep in advance, I wrote about the first time that I learned how to read. I don’t mind sharing it with you, teacher (click here!); I know you will give me helpful feedback!

As I walked quickly to Science I wondered what we were going to do. When I walked in I noticed you, teacher, were making sure our experiment supplies would be ready to go for our lesson. While I was talking to the students at the table, we all wondered what we were going to do. As the lesson started and we were reminded about our need to observe closely during the experiment, when we dropped the liquid into the water, our group was curious. When our group tried it, it was so cool to see the difference between cold and hot water!

Going back to English we had a chance to read a book of our choice. I am glad that I brought my book Culturize by Jimmy Casas, this book is the best! After we had a chance to read quietly, you encouraged us to re-read a story about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. Our group discussed what made Harriet Tubman a leader and inspiration to many, and you were right there teacher, encouraging us to read closely and notice the details!

Even though I couldn’t make it to Art (I got called to the office!), I know that you had a special project just for me. I heard from students the next day how much they enjoy your class. I hope you don’t mind me coming back to your class in the future to finish the project?

Looking forward to learning with you tomorrow,

Your curious student


This week, I had the privilege to shadow a 6th-grade student @ Station. As an eternal student myself (doctoral graduation coming up!) I so enjoy getting into the shoes of a student every year. To capture my thoughts on the day, I wrote the above”letter” to teachers from my perspective as a student.

Every year that I have been an administrator, I have tried to take advantage of shadowing a student. Not only does shadowing a student help me remember my WHY as a leader (students first, teachers first!), I am not alone in trying to shadow a student every year.

In fact, Principals, across the nation are encouraged to shadow a student too. Want to learn more? The challenge is on to shadow a student between Feb. 19-March 2, 2018. See for more information!

Did you shadow a student too? What did you learn? I am eager to hear from you! Post your comments below!

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