you can sit with us

  There is a new kid on the block. No, I don’t mean the band, although they were awesome in the 90’s, but there a few new kids at school this year. Take a minute to look around. The new kid is the excited 5 year old who can’t wait to finally ride the big […]

staying connected

We have several educators at CMS who are documenting their journey via blog. Please take a moment to read and follow some of our awesome teacher blogs below! Dr. Bea Revelins (8th grade Science teacher): Mrs. Dana Spies (PE Teacher): Mr. Kirk Humphreys (TAP Math Teacher): Mrs. Katie Budrow (6th grade Science teacher): Mrs. Garnet […]

“top 5 things every admin and teachers needs to know about UbD”

This past week we presented at our district annual technology conference. I had the opportunity to present with Taryn Lehman, a Caruso ELA teacher as well as Amy Rubin our Director of Assessment. Even though the basis of the conference was focused on technology, we discussed the importance of how technology supports pedagogy. During our […]