“top 5 things every admin and teachers needs to know about UbD”

This past week we presented at our district annual technology conference. I had the opportunity to present with Taryn Lehman, a Caruso ELA teacher as well as Amy Rubin our Director of Assessment. Even though the basis of the conference was focused on technology, we discussed the importance of how technology supports pedagogy. During our […]

a season of change, growth and reflection

As 2014 ended and 2015 began, with it came an exciting change in my life: my journey towards earning a doctoral degree! For the past few years, I researched schools, programs and talked to my fellow educators who have already completed this exciting journey. At the beginning of the new year, I started my multi […]

do you know a tech savy girl?

“In elementary school, 74% of girls say they are interested in math and science classes. But women only make up about 26% of STEM workers. Why is that?” questions Time journalist Erin Dockterman in the article “Chelsea Clinton: Schools Need to Support Girls in STEM“. In an effort to increase greater participation in a historically […]

kindness and the emmys

A few days ago the Emmy’s took place in California and I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to watch the awards ceremony. However, a few days later, I heard that during Aaron Paul’s (no relation!) acceptance speech, he praised his wife’s work in creating an organization that promotes kindness to other girls (to see Aaron’s […]