the seed

“They allow fear to blind them, and they miss all the miracles, beauty, and opportunities around them.” -from The Seed, by Jon Gordon We are living in a time that does not seem real. This past week alone, every conversation I have had has turned to feelings of shock, fear, uncertainty. Yet, here we are. […]

a good news call of the day

Several years ago, I learned about a Principal in Minnesota who was doing a daily good news call of the day. After he made the call, he would then share the good word on his Principal Twitter page. Even though I have never met Principal French I enjoyed learning about the great things that the […]

“Culturally Responsive Teaching: A Guide to Evidence-Based Practices for Teaching all Students Equitably” article review

One AMAZING positive about the internet? The instant access to information. If you are like me, you can find information on any topic by reading an article or book, listening to a podcast, watching a youtube video…  But when you learn the information, then what? For me, I write down what I learned (i.e. this blog as […]

leaders eat last

This summer, I had the opportunity to read the book, Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek. Earlier this year, I showed my staff one of Simon’s Ted Talk, “Start with the Why”. Every time I read something from Sinek, I am inspired to self-reflect as a leader. If you are looking for a great leadership […]


When I think about all my experiences as a teacher, I often reflect back on the great moments. You know, the moment when a student finally experiences success either in the classroom or in life. Or when a student learns a skill they should have mastered a long time ago, and they begin to make […]

additional ways to get involved @ CMS

As a follow up to my last blog post, here are a few additional ways that students can get involved @ CMS. As always, please check out our website: for more information!   Debate Club Description: Debate club is focused on preparing for three exciting and competitive debate tournaments.   As part of the preparation students […]