a season of change, growth and reflection

As 2014 ended and 2015 began, with it came an exciting change in my life: my journey towards earning a doctoral degree! For the past few years, I researched schools, programs and talked to my fellow educators who have already completed this exciting journey. At the beginning of the new year, I started my multi […]

do you know a tech savy girl?

“In elementary school, 74% of girls say they are interested in math and science classes. But women only make up about 26% of STEM workers. Why is that?” questions Time journalist Erin Dockterman in the article “Chelsea Clinton: Schools Need to Support Girls in STEM“. In an effort to increase greater participation in a historically […]

kindness and the emmys

A few days ago the Emmy’s took place in California and I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to watch the awards ceremony. However, a few days later, I heard that during Aaron Paul’s (no relation!) acceptance speech, he praised his wife’s work in creating an organization that promotes kindness to other girls (to see Aaron’s […]